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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover in Los Angeles, CA

Master of Aesthetic Dentistry

In the heart of Los Angeles, Dr. Ben Reyhani stands as a beacon of excellence in aesthetic dentistry. With a remarkable career spanning over a decade, he specializes in individualized smile makeovers leveraging the latest in dental veneers, crowns, implants, and onlays. At Genesis Implant & Aesthetic Dentistry, we envision and craft smiles that are not just captivating but resonate with you, offering a personal touch in every transformative journey.

Your Dream Smile, Realized in One Day

Discover the joy of a renewed smile at our Los Angeles office, where revolutionary one-day transformations are a reality. Whether it’s the perfect set of veneers, resilient crowns, dependable implants, or seamless onlays, we bring a blend of expertise and artistry to realize your dream smile. Step into a world where your dental aspirations are met with unmatched precision and speed, promising you a smile that speaks volumes, echoing beauty, confidence, and joy.

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